Peak Marble is one of the prominent and fastest growing company

Offering amazing design and colors in marble and granite to their customers. Our Factory is based in the Rawalpindi offering marvelous services to our clients in different parts of Pakistan especially to Islamabad and Rawalpindi consumers. We have wide collection of marble and granite in best quality at affordable rates. We offer versatile collection including all types of Pakistani marble and granite that can be used in bathroom, kitchens, outdoor areas, offices and other commercial and residential buildings. aim is to provide satisfactory and first class services to our customers.

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Main Features

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As Peak marble is one of the leading and prominent Marble Factory. We offer all types of marble and granite to our customers with complete reliability all across Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Availability of All Types

We are renowned because of marvelous and reliable services among our customers. We provide complete countertops for office, bathrooms, kitchen and outdoor areas. We have wide variety of marble and granite to offer versatile look to houses, buildings, plaza and offices.

Why Use Peak Marble?

Marble flooring is associated with elite class and opulence. It is a type of material that was historically used in palaces and great work of architectures. Marble and granite are one of the best and stylish flooring materials to make your floor appearance pleasant and elegant.

Marble and granite

Basically, marble and granite is natural flooring and produced from the mountains in the form of slabs of stone. There is a wide range of colors available in marble and granite to offer stylish touch to floor. Later, it is used in standard construction methods to give elegant and refine look to floor of your house, office or other outdoor


Peak Marble

Marble Factory Area, Near Peak School, Westridge, Rawalpindi

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