Vietnam White

The perfect white color, lustrous shine is its beautiful feature. Our Vietnam White Granite qualities match the international standards. It features high quality, beautifully carved, unmarked look with smooth surface, which is easy to maintain. The premium quality Vietnam White Granite is widely used for residential flooring, offices, industries, schools, temples, statues and wall cladding.It is suitable for internal and external decoration and construction.Due to its color and texture, it is a great choice for flooring, making counter, tabletops or furniture. The specified imported granite is durable that can be added to your artistic collection. For flooring, it is available in slabs or tiles in different sizes, and thickness as preferred by customers. The natural white granite is polished, water-repellent, flamed and given a nature split surface finish. Vietnam White Granite is one of the most preferred choices of clients because of its uniqueness and elegance.

Red Ruby Granite

Red Ruby is a medium grain, dense; deep red color with dark grains intrusive igneous rock, which is granular, and phaneritic in texture granite quarried in India. The lush red granite with striking veins is a beautiful natural stone which is a great option for kitchen counters, bathroom counters and fireplace surrounds.Being widely used during interior as well as exterior designing, this stone is especially good for counter tops, stairs, interior wall panels, water walls, fountains, monuments and other design projects. Its features include superior strength, elegant look and perfect finish. It also called New Princess Ruby Granite.

Cherry Pink

Cherry Pink Granite is a kind of pink granite coming from China. This beautiful natural stone is a great option for bathroom counters, fireplace surrounds and outdoor kitchen counters.It can be provided in slab, tile, cut to size with 5-12cm thick paving, carving. Available in different sizes as the customer required. It also called Cherry Blossom Granite. It is noticeably scratch resistant, chemical resistant, high temperature resistant granite that can bring beauty in the indoor as well as outdoor areas.

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl is a truly beautiful and consistent metallic blue stone that will enhance any area of your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace or outdoor living area while increasing its equity; blue pearl is the perfect granite. Large steel-blue feldspar crystals distinguish this blue colored homogeneous exclusive granite composed of silver and bluish labradorites scattered across the slab. Blue Pearl is stunning iridescent blue granite. The grace, durability and cost-effective nature of the stone make it impeccable for any home.Blue pearl granite will make a bulletproof kitchen counter top, and easy to maintain and clean bathroom vanities, bath surrounds and fireplace mantels are all a practical choice.

Black Galaxy Granite

Being one of the most prevalent black granites in the world, Black Galaxy is a typically reliable dark black stone. Close inspection discloses that it is full of valiant metallic gold and copper snowflakes. Black Galaxy Granite countertops are a practical option to add in any kitchen or bathroom. This natural stone can add an elegant look to your home with qualities reminiscent of a beautiful starry night. It also can be used for bathrooms, fireplaces or outdoors. It is the perfect granite to have in contrast of white cabinetry. It makes for anattractive kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, fireplace surroundand flooring.

Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown is vibrant and oaky granite from Finland. This consistent, light brown stone with a design composed of circular flecks of tans can be a very smart choice for homeowners who are searching for the right stone to complement their wooden cabinets.Works ideally for both indoor and outdoor applications including BBQ counter surrounds, bathrooms, and countertops. It durability and lovely natural look of brown stone shows the feature that gives especially charming and original look to any kitchen space.It can be provided as a brown colored slab with a polished, leathered or honed finish. This brown granite countertop is deeply thick-grained with distinguishing circular texture. The density of Baltic Brown Granite is extraordinary and makes it stainless, water and mildew resistant. This brown granite countertop is mainly unfazed by flames and heat.