Ziarat White Marble

Bring the natural beauty of marble to your home with our Ziarat White Marble. White marble is a unique metamorphic stone made with crystals bonding together from heat and pressure naturally from the earth. Because of its high worth, this stone is a popular choice stone in home decoration. Although it is most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, this unique piece can be the perfect touch to any room in your home, adding the perfect touch of grace and extravagance. As a kind of white marble from Pakistan, Ziarat White marble natural stone is appropriate forwalls, bathroom, kitchen, home decor preferably for flooring, cladding and counter tops, exterior, interiorand so on. Available in different standard sizes also other measures are available upon demand.


The marble verona is a natural red stone with unique whitish veins. This rock is available in perfect slabs of natural stone for indoor paving.Verona marble is a widely held natural stone from Pakistan. The beautiful Beige color of this stone is ideal for flooring. The common variants of verona stone are crystals, white lines, big and micro spots. Verona is priced according to texture and variations. This stone is especially good for exterior and interior wall, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and other design projects.


Tervera is a kind of fossilized, beige grainy rock coming from Pakistan. This stone is especially known as building stone and can be used at fireplaces, stairs, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, pavers, sills and other design projects. Tervera Marble surface can be processed into polished,rock faced, bush hammered, chiseled, natural-split and so on.Products from the tervera marble include tiles, slabs, stairs, countertop, vanity-top, etc. Customized size is availableand can be decided according to the client’s requirement. Tervera is suitable for every cut-to-size work, like tiles, wall, floor, countertops for shops, hotels, banks, restaurants, bathrooms, coffee shops, stairs steps, table tops, vanity tops etc.

Sunny White

Sunny White Marble is a generally white colour marble having the pattern of lining in it. This stone is especially good for interior as well as exterior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, stairs, window sills, fountains, pool and wall capping and other design projects. The marble holds the qualities of being low water absorption,acid-resistant,non-slippery, strong wear-resistant, haslong-lifespan using age, easy to take care and clean.It is anantibacterialfirebrick withheat-insulation Materials, sizes, thickness, finish and port can be decided according to your demands.

Parlino Shade

Parlino Shade is a high quality Pakistani marble with a fantastic veiny pattern. This natural stone has brown and gold veins, which create a warm, unique look for master bathroom countertops and fireplace surrounds.Parlino shade slabs are suitable for floor and wall tiles, skirting and borders, staircases, fireplaces, vanity and table tops. It is applicable for domestic or commercial construction material. The parlino shade is an acid-resistant, antibacterial, non-slippery, wear-resistant, firebrick marble that has the ability of heat insulation and comes in the blend of brown, tan, yellow and gold shade.

Parlino Plain Crystal

Owing to its features like shiny surface, beautiful design and smooth finishing, this marble is much privileged by our customers. Crystal granite possesses an off-white background with veins of gold and brown. The deep patterns of this crystalcontrasts against its light background which is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surround and outdoor living areas. Parlino Crystal comes in a variety of forms like random sized slabs, polished and unpolished slabs. This stone works best for interior and exterior décor,countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs and other luxurious projecttasks.

Parlino Crystal

Parlino crystal comes with a white background having very delicate veins of gray and beige. The patterns are soft and imaginative like light shadows.Parlino Crystal marble is a natural stone hence the color and texture may differ. The marble is perfect for luxurious applications like bathroom vanities, flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops and outdoor kitchens. It gives a divine look in hotels, residential and plaza. Crystal Marble is a magnificent and supple material which is waterproof, wear-resistant, non-slippery, anti-static and acid-resistant.

Boticena Fancy Marble

Coming originally from Balochistan, the Boticena Fancy Marble is a classical beige colored natural stone with some light spots. The marble has very fine grain with some rare whitish and golden veins. This type of stone, with its creamy color, is one of the most valued marbles hence; it is perfect for every location.The natural stone is produced in form of slabs of marble blocks and marble tiles. This rock is very graceful and polished. The extreme density, the porosity and the low tendency of absorption, make it perfect for outdoors and determine the powerful characteristics such as resistance to compression, bending and wear. For the beauty and the great qualities of strength, Boticena marble is widely used in architecture and interior design and is considered a very fine marble worldwide.

Black and Gold

Black and Gold marble has unique and incomparable qualities and signifies a material which has become synonymous with purity and grace. The Black and Gold marble is a natural black stone with inimitable intense white veins and golden inclusions. This rock is perfect for indoor paving which creates visual demand to the area. Black and gold marble is a very exceptional Pakistani marble which is famous because ofits variety of black color coming with white and golden stripes. It is also known to possess a dramatic high variation in its characteristic golden-yellow veins on a black background.